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3D Architectural and Environmental Design A Level - 2018:19

Create and develop your ideas in an environmental/architectural context, using 2D and 3D drawing techniques, 3D rendering software and 3D traditional models. This course focuses on working practice, building and construction techniques, developing your artistic skills and knowledge.

3d,architectural,environmental,design,A level,3D

Applied Law Level 3 BTEC National Extended Certificate - 2018:19

This two year course looks at the way the law works, how laws are made and at the people involved in law. You will study a range of aspects of law, including criminal law and contract law.


Art and Design BTEC Level 2 Award - 2018:19

A broad-based introduction to a range of skills and techniques for those who want to work in the art and design industries or who are interested in finding out more about the area.

art,design,creative,studies,btec,level 2,award,edexcel,arts

Art Appreciation - Love to Learn - 2017:18

This 10 week course will provide you with a detailed overview of the history of art, together with practical guidance on how to understand and interpret a variety of artistic genre and media.


Back to Work - Love to Learn - 2017:18

If you’re looking to return to work after a career break and would like to refresh your work skills and update essential knowledge, this 10 week course is for you. From guidance with CV-writing and how to negotiate flexible working hours, through to supporting you to update your IT skills and understand the latest essential software developments, our expert tutors will help to ease your transition back into the workplace.


Biology A Level - 2018:19

The study of Biology is exciting and broad, allowing you to learn about both genetics and ecology along with the causes and treatment of disease and the fundamental science that explains all living systems.

biology,gce,a level,science

Business BTEC Level 2 First Award - 2018:19

This course gives you an understanding of  the essential knowledge and skills required in the business sector. Topics include branding and promotion, customer service, sales, retail business, recruitment and career development, and business support.

Business, BTEC

Business Studies A Level - 2018:19

Learn everything you need to know about working in business including how to become a good decision maker, and learn essential managerial skills and techniques to help you become an analytical problem solver.

business, studies, business studies, a level

Ceramics - Love to Learn - 2017:18

This 10 week course will give you practical tuition in a range of ceramics and glazing techniques. Upon completion of the course there will be an opportunity for you to showcase your work at our annual ‘Love to Learn’ Showcase event.


Chemistry A Level - 2018:19

Study Chemistry in a range of different contexts. Practical work is based on an investigational and problem-solving approach and ideas are introduced in a spiral way.

chemistry,gce,a level,science, salters

Computer Science A Level - 2018:19

Computing is a fast-moving world. As computers are such an integral part of the workplace in contemporary society, people with computing skills are in extremely high demand. Studying Computer Science includes developing an understanding of the internal workings of a computer along with an ability to create bespoke software solutions for clients.

computing, computer, science, a level, information, technology, communication

Concept Art - Love to Learn - 2017:18

This 10 week course will give you practical tuition in a range of concept art techniques and applications, including artist’s impressions, architectural rendering, storyboarding, matte painting and 3D modelling.


Converting Home Videos Into Digital Products - Love to Learn - 2017:18

If you want to keep your old home movies that are currently stored on VHS cassettes, this 10 week course will give you practical guidance on how to convert VHS video to DVD and other digital formats.


Creative Digital Media BTEC Level 2 Award - 2018:19

Learn the practical skills and media knowledge that will allow you to ultimately thrive in the media industries and be highly employable in the modern media workplace. Topics include: producing print advertisements, filming for music videos, pre-production, filming, lighting and editing techniques, and much more!

creative,digital,media,btec,level 2,award

Creative Media Production (Games Development) (NQF) BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma - 2018:19

The Creative Media Production (Games Development) Level 3 Diploma is an exciting and interesting technical course, specialist qualification focusing on different aspects of the computer games industry ideal if you aspire to work in the games industry in the future. This course will give you hands-on experience of games engines and specialist applications, preparing you to progress into the games industry.



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