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My son or daughter has applied to college

By studying at Farnham College your son or daughter is choosing to become part of a small thriving college with a big reputation for academic excellence, innovative curriculum and a long historical tradition of academic success.

We are a popular choice for school leavers with our excellent local reputation and links with schools, universities, community organisations and businesses.

What's the next step? 

To find out more about the next steps your son or daughter will take towards becoming a Farnham College student, see our 'Your Route to College' page.

Open Events

We encourage you to attend our Open Events with your son or daughter so that you can find out more about our courses, the College, our teaching and learning resources and the academic and personal support we can provide.

Click here to pre-register for one of our Open Events today.

Travelling to College

Farnham College tries to encourage students to use alternative modes of transport. By doing this we are aiming to reduce the amount of traffic, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle and living environment. Travelling to Farnham College is easier than you think. Find out about the various travel options here.

Starting College

The first few weeks in September are called the induction period and students will be able to settle into their tutor group, meet the Director, meet their course tutors and make new friends. 

This can be strange at first as students are used to knowing their school and all the teachers. Coming to a new college they have to make new friends, get to know new teachers and find their way around a strange building. We try to make this experience as fun and as easy as possible whilst settling them into their course quickly.

Our students often comment that because of our size they were able to make friends more quickly and feel like you know everyone.

Studying with us is a great chance for young people to gain greater independence and take more responsibility for their own learning and academic progress.

As they make decisions that will shape their lives, it's important to remember that your support still plays a key role in helping them to reach their maximum potential. 

"I'm absolutely loving it here! Everyone is so accepting and there's freedom to be yourself. I love my course and have definitely developed my knowledge and passion over a few months."



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