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Farnham Educational Foundation

The Farnham College Foundation is a registered charity administered by nine Trustees.

It has an income from investments that is used to support the best interests of the students of the College.

This is done in various ways:Award Winners

  • Awards and Bursaries
  • Service Prizes
  • Specific Bequests
  • Former Students
  • Building Projects and Refurbishment

1. Awards and Bursaries

Each year up to £2,000 is available for these schemes. The Awards scheme encourages students to explore beyond the confines of their examination programme. Over the years entries have been made in the form of musical compositions and performances, paintings, design tasks, historical research, short stories, mathematical solutions, film and a host of other creative endeavours.

The Bursaries scheme was introduced to support students' spirit of adventure, physical challenge and service to the community. Again over the year’s financial support has been given to projects that have seen Farnham College students go worldwide to work and help in various Third World countries and also test their physical and intellectual capabilities in a variety of challenges. Bursaries have seen students go to Uganda and Brazil for charity work, gain a private pilot's licence and attend a Rescue Diver course.

2. Service Prizes

These are given annually to students who contribute to the life of the College in a variety of significant ways and are presented at the Celebration of Achievement event in December.

3. Specific Bequests

One bequest administered by the Trustees is intended to help students studying in the general area of the Environment and Biological Sciences. Help has been given in these areas for books, software, instruments and field trips.

4. Former Students

 A small fund is available to help former students, under 25, with one‑off grants. These could be used for a particular project or to support those in continuing education.

5. Building Projects and Refurbishment

The Trustees have made financial contributions in recent years to the restoration of the mechanism of the College clock. The provision of lifts in Surrey Court, the provision of C.C.T.V. and the refurbishment of parts of Morley Court.


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