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Do you enjoy the challenge of a mathematical problem? Are you an enthusiastic number cruncher? If this sounds like you, one of our Mathematics courses could be perfect for you. These courses will build on what you studied at GCSE and develop these ideas further. It is a highly sought after qualification in the workplace and is valued highly at degree level.

Mathematics is a subject that can be studied for its own sake but its techniques can be applied in many areas of study meaning that the career prospects are vast and rewarding. Our courses provide students with the ability to learn new mathematical concepts and solving related mathematical problems. The varied learning methods which include active learning and mathematical software packages, as well as investigations, are not only enjoyable but engaging for students.

The course, whilst fairly demanding, is also very satisfying. This course is a popular choice at Farnham College.

With the support and knowledge of our tutors, success rates for this course are excellent and present endless career opportunities. Former students who achieved an A Level in Mathematics have moved onto university and studied courses including Maths, Engineering, Computing, Architecture and Teaching.

There are no courses for this subject area that match this criteria.

Why Choose Farnham College

  • Expert tutors
  • Outstanding resources
  • Modern Learning Resource Centre (LRC)
  • Vibrant and highly successful college

Jobs in Mathematics

  • Engineer
  • Computer Software Engineer
  • Accountant
  • Economist
  • Banker
  • Business Manager
  • Surveyor
  • Architect

Student Soundbite

Rawa Musa

"My tutor explains the course in small understandable chunks and is always willing to go over what you have learnt as many times as you need."

Rawa - Mathematics

01252 71 69 88

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