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The Student Experience

Student Soundbites

Kassy TroshkovaArt & Design

Kassy Troshkova

Course: Fine Art


"I love art and the programme at Farnham is perfectly balanced, allowing space for technical and personal development! The teachers are great and the small class sizes allow for one-to-one talks."

Next step: Go to university or study abroad

Ultimate ambition: To work at Disney's animation studios

Callum Davies

Callum Davies

Course: Graphic Design


"The course is great as it gives you a look into what the career might be like if you choose to do that subject."

Next step: Pursue a career in Media or Graphics.

Ultimate ambition: Undecided

Kirsty FlynnBusiness & Finance

Kirsty Flynn

Course: Business Studies


"My tutor is friendly, bubbly and always up for a laugh. She knows how to get the information across, but also delivers a passion for the subject."

Next step: Go to university to study Art, then start her own business.

Ultimate ambition: To become an Art Therapist or Interior Designer.

Jonathan Lassiter

Jonathan Lassiter

Course: Business


"I like that we are given a lot of independent learning, which helps you learn self-motivation skills."

Next step: Start his own business.

Ultimate ambition: Run his own haulage company.

Francesca MurrayEnglish

Francesca Murray

Course: English Literature


"The tutors are all so approachable. You can email them questions at any time and you’ll always get a response."

Next step: Go to university to study Business or Psychology.

Ultimate ambition: To work in Business, HR or Management.

Sophie CrowHealth & Social Care

Sophie Crow

Course: Health & Social Care BTEC


"I have gained a lot of experience from work placements which has helped me gain confidence and diverse communication skills."

Next step: Studying Midwifery at King's College London in September.

Ultimate ambition: To become a Midwife.


Joseph Strickland 2Humanities

Joseph Strickland

Course: History


"It’s really important to revise, but also have fun. It’s important to get the balance right as you want to make the most out of college."

Next step: Have a gap year then go to university.

Ultimate ambition: To become a Teacher or Psychiatrist.

Catherine Bookham

Catherine Bookham

Course: Geography


"The College has opened new opportunities for me inside and outside of education."

Next step: Go to university and study Architecture.

Ultimate ambition: To become an Architect.

Jack RhodesComputing, ICT & Gaming

Jack Rhodes

Course: Games Development


"Finding friends who have the same interests is not hard at College."

Next step: Go to university.

Ultimate ambition: To become a Game Developer.

Haydn Coombes

Haydn Coombes

Course: Information Technology


"The College really strives to support you to succeed, so I feel like the tutors take interest in all of their students."

Next step: Currently works as a surveyor for a well-known architectural company.

Ultimate ambition: To climb the employment ladder at his place of work.

Rawa MusaMathematics

Rawa Musa

Course: Mathematics


"My tutor explains the course in small understandable chunks and is always willing to go over what you have learnt as many times as you need."

Next step: Go to university to study Dentistry or Biomedical Science.

Ultimate ambition: To purse a career in Science.

Holly MayesMedia

Holly Mayes

Course: Media BTEC


"BTEC Media is about creating something which makes people think 'wow!'"

Next step: Go to university to study Media Production.

Ultimate ambition: Undecided - studying a varied course at university which will help her decide.

Elizabeth CollinsMusic 

Elizabeth Collins

Course: Music Technology


"My course tutor is really knowledgeable and has greatly helped me to build up my confidence when performing."

Next step: To continue with her music by writing new songs.

Ultimate ambition: To carry on with her music career as a singer.

Joel LodderPhotography

Joel Lodder

Course: Photography


"The course tutors have a lot of experience in the working world, so you feel as if you are gaining the best knowledge from them."

Next step: Go to university to study Photography.

Ultimate ambition: To work as a Cameraman in the Film Industry.

Abbie TaylorScience

Abbie Taylor

Course: Biology


"You can tell the tutors enjoy teaching their courses as they are really enthusiastic and always helpful."

Next step: Go to university to study Medical Microbiology.

Ultimate ambition: To have a career in medical research, particularly cancer research.

Hannah JonesSport & Exercise Science

Hannah Jones

Course: Physical Education


"I am part of the England Women’s Development Programme, and my tutor is really supportive of my cricket outside of College."

Next step: Go to university to carry on studying.

Ultimate ambition: To work as a PE Teacher or Cricket Coach.


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