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Students' Union & Enrichment

Get involved!

The SU is run by students for students so the more actively involved you are the more fun you have! We represent the thousands of students at the College and organise activities throughout the year.

Why get involved?

Well it looks great on your CV and you can make a huge difference to your college life. You can make lots of new friends, tackle new challenges and be part of a great team!

Our enrichment activities will extend your education and personal growth beyond your academic courses in a way which will develop your confidence, social skills and range of interests. In a competitive economic climate, where jobs and university places are much sought after, the fact that you will have participated in a range of enrichment activities will make you a better, more well-rounded candidate.

You can take part in

  • Activities and events throughout the year, including football, basketball, theatre trips, volunteering, guitar, pool, table tennis, netball, student magazine, water sports and more!
  • Students elections - Stand for election and become part of the Students' Union team.
  • Student reps - All courses have nominated representatives to promote the views and opinions of their course colleagues - get your voice heard!
  • Faculty forums - Elected student reps meet with Directors of Faculty and other staff to discuss, debate and get feedback.

To find out more about the SU see our Facebook page: or email:

NUS Extra Card

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